Additional Services

We are happy to add additional services for an all in one shop stop. We are here to customize all product and packages to fit your needs for your event!



Do you have a caterer that won’t pick up all your dinner dish’s? We provide buses to help keep your venue and tables all picked up. They take out the trash and make sure you venue stays clean and tidy for the night.

  • $20 an hour for each busser



The next best thing to the bar at an event is the coffee and hot chocolate bars. They add the perfect touch to your event and guest love it! Having a winter event and need something to warm you up?

This is a self serve station but pricing will include a person to man the station, prep the coffee, set up and clean up.

Rates will Fluctuate Depending on Guest Count. We customize all services and packages to fit your needs.


  • Coffee Percolators

  • Coffee

  • Coffee Cups

  • Stir Sticks

  • Coffee Syrups

  • Cream

  • Sugar

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Whip Topping

  • Marshmallows

  • Table

  • Decor



Who’s favorite part of the wedding is the toasts?!

We provide glass toasting glasses for your whole head table. Bottles of Champagne. Bartender will pour your head tables glasses.

Or have your ever thought about serving a bubbly bar for your bridal shower? We will provide all your glasses, decor, champagne, fruit, and juices! Such a cute centerpiece for your party!

Pricing will fluctuate depending on guest count. We customize all packages and services to fit your needs.